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Not Your Average Conference: Innovation 2018

System ~ Symbol ~ Composition

How will educators use art integration to innovate their classrooms and inspire their students to learn?  Not Your Average Conference presents "strands" as a way to experience the answer! 

Educators will select one of 3 strands.  Each strand focuses on a different “big idea.”  Members of the Google's kids and family team will be partnering with our OKA+ fellow facilitation teams to enhance each strand experience. Educators  will have a FULL day of activity, that includes INNOVATION and INFORMATION that they can use in the classroom! 


Each strand experience will include mini-workshops with two art forms and a closing innovation showcase. 

NYAC 2018 Strands:

System - Systems are sets of components that form an interconnecting network or mechanism. Every system is delineated by its spatial and temporal boundaries, influenced by its environment, and described by its structure. Whether a system of government, a mathematical system, a body system, or other example, systems are impacted by a change to any one part. How do systems relate to your classroom or curriculum?

Symbol - Symbols help us to communicate, they imply a greater meaning and represent more than is seen at face value. They exist in all of life and at every age level. Think of a small child learning to read facial expressions or using infant sign language, or the reader decoding text. Consider the logic models used by a computer programmer or the notation of a newly written song. The way a symbol is interpreted can vary between individuals and cultures. Where else do they exist in your curriculum?

Composition - Composition is selecting and combining elements to create a whole. The way in which they are combined impacts the whole and its function. The way a house is built determines its stability; the way in which words are put together determine the meaning they convey; the grouping of students will affect the function of a classroom; the components of an environment affect the life it can support. How does composition connect to your curriculum?