Oklahoma A+ Schools provides professional development, an arts-integrated network, and educational outreach to over 70 schools, 2500 educators and 27,000 students across Oklahoma. We're helping schools think, plan, and behave more creatively.


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Oklahoma A+ Schools

OKA+ Schools is Oklahoma's only research-based, whole school network that increases quality education in every context through nurturing creativity in every learner.

What we do: OKA+ coaches PK-High Schools in the

A+ Essentials, creating and actualizing their ideal vision for their school.  

We provide ongoing, customized professional development and arts integration implementation through leadership retreats, on-site workshops, conferences, regional arts integration workshops, networking with like-minded educators, research, arts resources, and support.

Why it matters:  OKA+ Schools increases quality education, teacher success, and student academic achievement in every context.  With financial partnerships, OKA+ Schools continues to offer these services to network schools

for free.  

Today, OKA+ Impacts 70 Member Schools, 27,000 Students and 2500 Educators throughout Oklahoma. OKA+ is expanding program services to non-member schools. OKA+ Schools are rural, urban, and suburban. OKA+ Schools are public, private, and charter.